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A Fusion of Brilliance

Raphaël Varane and INGOT Brokers Usher in a New Era from Petra, Jordan

At the heart of our journey lies a world of limitless possibilities and a shared vision to redefine youth’s financial goals. So, we leaped into this mission with our brand ambassador, Raphaël Varane, from the magical rose city of Petra, to show the world that Jordan, then and now, is a hub for the best visionaries and traders in the region.

Step into our unforgettable journey that took everyone by storm!

Varane’s visit to Petra became an electrifying scene that sent excitement throughout Jordan and the region. Petra’s magic and Varane’s magnetic presence served as the perfect backdrop to showcase our vision for our revolutionary app and trading services.

The results?

A regional digital storm that ignited a fire of interest and pride for millions of Jordanians and Arabs, it created unprecedented brand awareness, a surge in interest, and an unforgettable fusion of culture, sport, and innovation.

Scroll down and learn more about Varane, the multi-faceted brilliance representing our vision and values.


Varane: A Journey Through the Life of a Passionate Superstar

Varane is a star that shines in every role he takes on. His life is an inspiring tale of ambition, humanity, and talent. He is one of his generation's most prominent center-backs.

His life as a Star Athlete

At nine, Varane signed with RC Lens, kicking off his legendary football career. Growing up, he was drawn to the Centre de Preformation de Football.

In 2011, Varane began an unbelievable journey with La Liga club Real Madrid, where he went on to become a defensive powerhouse, winning 18 major honors.

In 2018, he won the world cup with the French national team. His impact on football is etched in history, motivating future generations of aspiring athletes to reach for the stars.


Beyond the World of Football

Many don’t know about this side of Varane, but he is not only a star athlete. Varane is a family man and a prominent investor in startups Kobi and Kinvent.

Varane’s mission with Kobi is improving the well-being and health of employees by financing their fitness goals and sports budgets.

As for his work with Kinvent, they developed a biomechanical analysis startup that enables physiotherapists and physical trainers to better assess a person’s health and progress.

He is on a quest to support people’s health goals, which stems from his commitment to bettering people’s lives.

His Philanthropic Life

varan 6

He was the main sponsor of the “Make-A-Wish France” foundation, where he helped many children with terminal and serious illnesses by making their dreams come true.

His support for the Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaque association has enabled children with heart defects from underprivileged countries to undergo life-saving surgery in France.

He also started the Stages Raphael Varane Academy, which aims to train and nurture young talents in football and teach the values of hard work, respect, commitment, and ambition.

Stay tuned to see the fruits of this invaluable partnership!