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Becoming a Full-time Forex Trader
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Must-know Trading Fundamentals before Committing to Forex Trading

We already agreed upon the fact that taking up Forex trading is not an easy task. Therefore, it is advised to establish first base fundamentals before diving in completely:

  • Time management and keeping your schedule in sync with the Forex market trading hours are essential.  
  • Sufficient experience in Forex trading is necessary. You should have good knowledge of currency pairs, their value, and the best trading volumes.
  • Extensive knowledge of advanced trading platforms is needed.
  • It would help if you had enough funds before entering the business. Ask yourself before committing fully to Forex, do I have enough funds at hand for trading to leave my stable job and invest in Forex full-time? And can this lifestyle sustain your daily needs and expenses in the long run? 
  • Continuous research and self-development are critical. It helps you cultivate a well-rounded trading strategy to avoid shocks and surprises in financial markets.
  • Follow market news and financial reports regularly.
  • Become aware of the role of psychology in trading, as patience and emotional management are the basis for successful Forex trading.

Now that you have learned the cornerstones where the foundation of a high-class Forex trader resides, you need to get a glimpse of the advantages and challenges of full-time Forex trading so you can make clear and rational trading decisions. 

The Advantages of Full-time Forex Trading

Imagine yourself leaving your stable job to trade Forex full-time. Isn’t this idea comforting?

  • When you devote your time to Forex trading, you will feel relieved of administrative duties that characterize traditional jobs restricting workers’ freedoms. But you also need to remember that you will have to take responsibility for all aspects of the job. 
  • You can do Forex trading 24/5 but not during weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Since the Forex trading market is decentralized, you can do business from anywhere in the world and do not need to work in an office setting or travel to a particular geographical destination.
  • With proper planning, determination, and monitoring of financial market news to take advantage of opportunities, you can make a lot of profit in a short time. In contrast, a traditional type of job will probably not offer such benefits.
  • When you are the sole decision-maker in organizing your time the way you want, you will have more free time to practice your hobbies and develop your skills as you like.

Challenges of Full-time Forex Trading

We cannot mention the advantages of Forex trading without stating the challenges one would make trading Forex full-time. The following are the most frequently stated challenges of doing Forex trading round-the-clock:

  • Even with flexible and full-of-fun working conditions, the first challenge you will face as a full-time Forex trader is the huge commitment and time it requires and demands of you. 
  • The fact that there are no safe bets in Forex trading should never leave your mind. You will be in danger of risking your funds at all times. 
  • If you rely primarily on trading Forex as your source of income, this puts you at risk of losing your source of income. The financial markets are highly affected by natural, political, and economic events, which may cause you to lose your trades.
  • Trading Forex full-time can cause you to sacrifice your alone time.
  • In terms of self-development, full-time Forex trading can cost you to lose social skills and be cursed to live under the addictive influence of online trading.
  • In reality, you do not need to leave your job and trade Forex full-time, as you can consistently make profits when trading at a specific hourly rate per day.

Having learned about the advantages and challenges of trading Forex full-time, you can now judge for yourself what suits you best. After all, there is no absolute good or bad, especially in the world of Forex trading.