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INGOT Brokers is a regulated online brokerage firm that serves as the middleman between traders and global financial markets, thus facilitating access to premium investment opportunities. These cover varied financial instruments – namely commodities, stocks, indices, ETFs, and Forex – and are offered via the world's most popular trading platform; MetaTrader5.

Yes! INGOT Financial Brokerage Ltd. is regulated and licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), letter no. 3/1/00829/21.

Our offices in Jordan are located in Al-Dajani Complex, Um Uthainah, 5 Saeed Abu Jaber Street.

INGOT Brokers was founded in 2006 with a mission to facilitate access between traders and global financial markets. Since then, we have been expanding both our services and teams to accommodate our clients' evolving needs. 

Aside from having peace of mind knowing that you are trading with a professional brokerage firm with 15 years of experience, you will enjoy numerous benefits that include: 

Our business is governed by the strictest regulations around the world, which guarantee that you are dealing with a legit, licensed company and not scammers.

INGOT Financial Brokerage Ltd. is authorized and regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), letter no. 3/1/00829/21 on 19/04/2021.

Brokerage firms, such as ourselves, are intermediaries between you as a trader and parties that sell financial assets. But at INGOT Brokers, we do more than just being the middleman. We provide you with the educational materials (videos and articles), you need to trade with confidence and extend omnichannel customer support, thus guaranteeing you will have an exceptional trading experience.

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