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Why Should Trading Be in Your New Year’s Resolution?
Published on Jan 4, 2023

The calendar flipped another year, and it is time to reflect on your achievements in 2022 and your dreams for 2023.
So, how about you make this year different by adding trading to your new year’s resolutions list? Here are a few points that could convince you to do so.
1-     Trading is an Opportunity for a Brighter Future and a Comfortable Life
No matter what your resolutions list will include, it will be mainly directed towards improving the quality of your life, which is usually achieved by better health and wealth.
When it comes to wealth, you might have taken a traditional route to growing your money, like fixed deposits that offer you stable income through interest rates.
But, with a good strategy and a comprehensive understanding of the market, you can take up trading and have a potential second income source.
2-     Trading Will Give You More Time to Enjoy Life
Every new year, you see how quickly the previous year passed, and you start to notice that balancing work and social life takes work.
But trading and investing online will allow you to be flexible with your time, giving you space to spend quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones.
How do you ask?
Well, you can trade from anywhere at any time through your mobile, tablet, or computer.
There’s a trading opportunity at every hour, whether it is currencies or commodities that are open for 24 hours, five days a week, or stocks where market hours vary depending on which country’s market you are trading in. Still, there is always an open market between stocks in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.
3-     Investing Will Help You Maintain the Value of Your Money
Only some people know that if you keep your money in a savings account without investing it, you will lose the value of your money over time because of inflation.
For example, if the inflation rate is 1%, the purchasing power of money will be 1% less a year later . Also, if the deposit rate in your country is 3%, and inflation is 4%, then that is not a profitable investment.
But, when you invest your money correctly, you will have the opportunity to grow it regularly.
4- Trading is an Opportunity for High Profitability
When you have a tested successful strategy and learn all the ins and outs of the market, you will have a high potential to start gaining a substantial amount of money.
So, have the patience, discipline, and proper education to take advantage of the many opportunities in the market to grow your wealth.
You can use our education page  to arm yourself before trading.
5- You Don’t Need Vast Sums of Money to Start Trading
You can start trading with a small amount of money and grow it gradually, according to your account type. But in any case, remember to avoid trading in money you cannot afford to lose.
In the beginning, we advise you to trade on a demo account until you guarantee a successful strategy, then open a real trading account to start trading global markets.  
6-Trading Opens the Opportunity to Become Your Boss
Who doesn’t want to get rid of the 9 - 5 job and become their boss?
Trading allows you to be your boss, be flexible with your time, and chase your dreams and hobbies.
You don’t have to quit your job if you’re hesitant about not having a stable income; trading can be a side hustle that supports your actual job.
·        What You Need to Do Before You Start Your Trading Journey
In the end, before you create a real trading account, you must be aware that just like every new venture, there is a learning curve that you have to pass by, so don’t just jump into it without checking the courses and resources that we offer to empower you and make you a successful trader.
Learn how the market works, how to read charts and patterns, and what kind of news to watch.
After you educate yourself, you can start trading and make money at whatever time suits you.
Yes, you won’t win every trade you enter, but with time you will grow your experience and learn from your mistakes.
What are you waiting for? Add trading to your new year’s resolution list and enjoy your dream lifestyle.