Trade CFDs and spot and futures contracts on precious metals, namely gold, silver, platinum, and copper with INGOT Brokers; a regulated firm boasting an award-winning platform; expert customer support (24/5); tight spreads; low commissions; and fast execution.

Symbol Name Contract Size Commission Margin Spread Trading Months Trading Hours
GC Gold Futures 100 oz $10 %1 Floating Feb-Apr-Jun-Aug-Dec 01:00 - 24:00
SI Silver Futures 5000 oz $10 %2 Floating Mar-May-Jul-Sep-Dec 01:00 - 24:00
HG Copper Futures 25000 pounds $10 %3 Floating Mar-May-Jul-Sep-Dec 01:00 - 24:00
PL Platinum Futures 50 Troy oz $10 %5 Floating Feb-Apr-Jun-Aug-Oct-Dec 01:00 - 24:00
  • Note: Trading hours are based on GMT+2 Time (+1 hour for daylight saving).

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