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Indices demonstrate the overall performance of a collection of stocks from a specific nation. And since they do not follow one stock but many, you can trade indices through CFDs to diversify your portfolio.

Name Symbol
Dow Jones Industrial Average DJ30 See Details
NASDAQ-100 Technology Sector Index ND100 See Details
Standard and poor 500 index S&P500 See Details
The German stock index DAX 40 (GER40) DAX40 See Details
CAC40 French stock market index CAC40 See Details
The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index. FTSE100 See Details
S&P/ASX 200 ASX200 See Details
USD Index Future USDIX See Details
  • Note: Trading hours are based on GMT+2 Time (+1 hour for daylight saving).
  • DAX40 Futures Pending orders: good till today, including SL/TP (orders will be canceled at the end of each day).