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INGOT Brokers Continues its Streak of Strategic Partnerships In a New Collaboration with Princess Sumaya University for Technology
Published on 2024-01-15

Amman, January 2024 – INGOT Financial Brokerage Ltd. (INGOT Brokers) continues its streak of strategic partnerships by signing a new agreement with Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), one of Jordan’s top public universities accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Through this collaboration, INGOT Brokers will carry on its efforts to disperse financial knowledge among students in Jordanian universities and educate them about trading and investing.

INGOT Brokers will train students at PSUT on various financial topics, focusing on trading and investment in financial markets. Such an opportunity will allow them to acquire financial knowledge early on in their lives and start their journey towards redefining their financial future, without having to wait until after they graduate. This way, they will be equipped with the tools they need to enter the job market more confidently.

This collaboration will cover workshops, training courses, and lectures delivered by INGOT Brokers, as well as interviews with representatives from the PSUT. In addition, it will entail sponsoring some of the campaigns or activities organized by the university and offering support and expertise to students and faculty members conducting research on financial topics encompassing INGOT Brokers’ specialty fields such as financial analysis, financial markets, financial management, behavioral finance, budgeting, and trading, among others. This will be carried out in compliance with the university’s applicable regulations.

From its side, PSUT expressed its willingness to exert all efforts to encourage its students and faculty members to participate in the activities and programs that INGOT Brokers will be delivering, in addition to providing logistics, venues, and other sorts of support.

“We are grateful to have this collaboration with such an esteemed university as PSUT.” said Zeid Madbak, Education Manager at INGOT Brokers. “This will be an opportunity to continue increasing financial literacy among university students through hands-on experience rather than theoretical knowledge alone.”

Dr. Muhanna Muhanna, Dean of Admissions and Registration at PSUT, asserted that such a collaboration with a prominent broker is an important step toward increasing students’ opportunities to enter the job market more prepared, as it shall allow them to have a deeper understanding of the world of business and trading.