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INGOT Brokers Reveals the Details of Rafael Varane’s Visit to Jordan
Published on 2023-10-04

World-renowned football star Rafael Varane became the talk of the town last July as he landed in the Jordanian capital as the MENA Ambassador for INGOT Financial Brokerage Ltd. (INGOT Brokers). Varane’s visit was crowned by visiting Petra City and exploring its wonders.

INGOT Brokers, a financial brokerage company regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission, had invited Varane to be the star of a new promotional campaign for INGOT Brokers' offerings. The campaign was also a great opportunity for INGOT Brokers to take part in attracting more tourists from around the world towards Petra City, especially football fans, and towards Jordan as a country rich with hidden treasures and assuming a significant place regionally and globally.