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INGOT Brokers Partners with the University of Jordan As Part of its Efforts to Disperse Financial Knowledge among University Students
Published on 2024-01-16

Amman, December 2023 – INGOT Financial Brokerage Ltd. (INGOT Brokers) signs a one-year strategic partnership agreement with the University of Jordan (JU), a prestigious university on the local, regional, and global fronts. The signing took place on December 13, 2023 at the University’s premises, in the presence of Business Faculty Dean Prof. Raed Masaadeh Bani Yasin and some of INGOT Brokers’ cadres, including Education Manager Zeid Madbak, CRO Ahmad Khawanky, and Creative Marketer Alaa Al-Haj Eid. Attracting significant media coverage, the meeting provided insight into the student program INGOT Brokers is planning to launch at the JU.

Through this program, the Company aims to educate and train business students on various financial topics, focusing on trading and investment. Such an opportunity will give students better access to global financial markets, equipping them with the knowledge they need to become financial experts and future investors. Additionally, encouraging youth to make better financial decisions that can significantly impact their future and give them a better advantage in the job market is an integral part of the Company’s mission and vision. 

This collaboration will cover events, workshops, training courses, conferences, seminars, lectures, and other activities delivered by INGOT Brokers on the JU campus. In addition, it will entail sponsoring some of the campaigns or activities organized by the JU, providing access to research data for business faculty members, and offering support and expertise to students conducting research on financial topics encompassing INGOT Brokers’ specialty fields such as financial analysis, financial markets, behavioral finance, budgeting, and trading, among others.

“This strategic partnership is a great opportunity for manifesting the importance of dispersing financial knowledge among Jordanians, especially among the youth. Such knowledge will help them learn how to manage their financial resources in the best way possible in the future,” said Zeid Madbak, Education Manager at INGOT Brokers. “We are truly proud to be collaborating with a renowned university like the University of Jordan, and we look forward to launching more initiatives that will contribute to bridging the gap between the world of trading and the educational sector.”

“We are very proud and grateful about this strategic collaboration with INGOT Brokers,” added Prof. Bani Yasin. “This partnership will grant us access to updated economic faculty members, students, and partners.”