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Raphaël Varane: I am thrilled with my partnership with INGOT Brokers and honored to visit Jordan!
Published on 2023-08-16

INGOT Financial Brokerage (INGOT Brokers), a premium regulated online brokerage firm, welcomes Raphaël Varane, the brand ambassador for the MENA region. His visit to Amman and Petra's archaeological city is in response to INGOT Brokers' invitation to attend the promotional event organized by the company in Petra, where Varan was photographed for various promotional purposes.

This visit also aims to promote the tourism sector in the city of Petra, thus reflecting a positive picture of its various attractions, enhancing its position, and bringing the world’s attention to it to entice more tourists to visit.

Eminent local and international media outlets attended the event to cover Varane’s visit, where his activities with the company were published on local and international news websites, radios, TV channels, and social media platforms.

During media interviews, Varane stated that he had a pleasant time during his visit to Jordan; he expressed his enthusiasm and pleasure for his partnership with INGOT Brokers, through which they aim to create a revolution and a paradigm shift in the trading and investment sector by raising awareness among individuals and young people on the importance of developing their financial literacy, regardless of their qualifications and experiences.

"When I was younger, I aspired to have a successful future in the world of football; I am therefore delighted with this partnership through which we will prove that every young person can redefine their financial future by obtaining the best trading and investment opportunities offered by INGOT Brokers, “Varane stated.

 "As for my visit to Jordan, this was my first time here, and I was honored to visit the capital of Amman and the archaeological city of Petra, known as one of the world’s seven wonders. This cultural legacy is a source of pride for the Jordanian people. I was also struck by how passionate Jordanians were about football through the incredible welcome I received. I will make sure to repeat this visit in the future," Varane said.

"This partnership is unique because INGOT Brokers uses football as a new means to enhance the importance of individuals' acquiring financial knowledge, especially as it helps people through its seminars and educational materials to guide them on how to trade, invest and manage their money thoughtfully and thus enable them to achieve their financial goals, which I support with great pride," Varane added.

"We welcome the superstar Varane, and we are pleased with this partnership because we are well aware of its importance in contributing to promoting trading and investments in a new and modern manner through the world of football, especially because so many fans love it, and it has proven its ability to bring different communities together under one goal: to encourage their favorite team during matches. " INGOT Brokers' Chief Revenue Officer Ahmed Khawanki said.